Three ways to think about learning – Key takeaways from #smwlearning

In this knowledge economy there is a need for a sophisticated set of skills. Learning is a modern day entrepreneurial survival tool, especially given today’s fast-paced and ever-changing landscape. It can go beyond simply company culture and staying on top

Effective practices for live online teaching

Live online teaching is an alternative to face-to-face teaching or asynchronous online teaching. It enables instructors to connect with students synchronously without the restrictions of a physical classroom. Web conferencing software can be used to deliver lectures, hold seminars, or facilitate study

Bring experts into the classroom with Skype

Bring experts into the classroom with Skype

Use Skype to extend your classroom by inviting experts to join remotely. Many instructors invite professionals into their classrooms to add diversity to the discussion and dialogue. Introducing students to professionals in their field of study is one way to