Data visualization is the process of representing information graphically. Relationships, patterns, similarities, and differences are encoded through shape, color, position, and size. These visual representations of data can make your findings and ideas stand out.

Kristen Sosulski teaches data visualization as a medium for the exploration, presentation, communication, and interpretation of data, big or small. Her focus is on the transformation of data into useable knowledge. Learn more about her courses and workshops.

Watch the video below as Kristen speaks about the “The Future of Business Intelligence: Data Visualization at the Data Visualization Conference called Plotcon. The key takeaway is that the future of  is in the elements that aid communication of information.

Watch the video below as Kristen talks through the components of telling a story using data, from exploration, to analysis, to communication.

Kristen discusses the power of data visualization during Future of Business: Mobile, Data, and Open Innovation Event @ NYU Stern.

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