New to learning R? Here are some frequently asked questions

code preview #rstats
code preview #rstats

#R or Python? Why both?

Lots of arguments for learning both: This provides some resources and insights.

For fun, imagine being about to code access Python modules, classes, and functions in R. Check out the reticulate package.

#What’s a tibble?

A tibble is a data structure. It is a “modern dataframe”.  Tibbles are relatively new in R.  Learn more about the features.

#What is the default number of digits displayed by R?

From my research it appears that default is 7. But you can change it. Learn more at:

#Do spaces matter? Is there a difference between <- and < –  ?

Yes! <- is used for assignment of values to variables. For example, the code below shows the value of 1 being assigned to the variable named x.

x <-1

On the other hand the following code shows that using a space between the less than sign and the minus sign has an entirely different meaning. Instead this < is used a logical operator evaluating the truth of the statement x is less than -1. The answer returned is the boolean value of FALSE. The statement is false since x has been assigned value of 1 in the statement above.

x < -1

See the video demonstration



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New to R? Frequently asked questions and answers #rstats
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