When you are working a data visualization task look for inspiration. For example, let’s say you are working to create an engaging graphic that showcases the changing unemployment rate. Of course, a simple line chart works well. However, there are other options.

There is no shame at looking at how others have visualized similar data. Do research on the presentation options and search the Web for examples from various news outlets and blogs of visualization experts.

I use pinterest boards to collect and catalogue data graphics around specific themes. Check out my board on Visualizing Unemployment, Poverty, and Job Growth.

As a leading expert on data visualization, Dr. Kristen Sosulski regularly consults, delivers seminars, and leads workshops on data visualization techniques and best practices.  Her book, Data Visualization Made Simple: Insights Into Becoming Visual (Routledge) will be published in later this year. Kristen is an Associate Professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business and the Director of Learning Sciences for the NYU Stern W.R. Berkley Innovation Labs.

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Using pinterest as inspiration for building data graphics