As a woman working in technology for my entire career ( almost 20 years), it’s been an amazing journey. I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on my first year working in technology and offer advice that may help others.


My first year working in technology, I was one of the only women in an office of males. During that first year, I wish I had a strong female mentor. A woman who was more advanced in her career than myself, but close in age.   Having a mentor early on, could have helped me build stronger leadership amongst my male peers, and select professional development opportunities to facilitate my professional growth. I see mentorship as a key ingredient to professional and personal development.

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As a leading expert on data visualization, Dr. Kristen Sosulski regularly consults, delivers seminars, and leads workshops on data visualization techniques and best practices.  Her book, Data Visualization Made Simple: Insights Into Becoming Visual (Routledge) is available for pre-order and will come out in September 2018. Kristen is an Associate Professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business and the Director for the Learning Science Lab at NYU Stern.

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A Woman in Tech
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