Since 2012, I have been co-teaching a course at NYU Stern called Operations in Panama: A man. A plan. A canal. Panama.

Operations in Panama is an experiential course in global supply chain management, logistics, and real estate development in Panama. This advanced elective in operations management focuses on managing operations in a foreign country, and the impact these operations have on the global supply chain.

On location in Panama, students study the intricacies of the Panama Canal from an operations management point of view. The turnover of the Panama Canal to Panama in 2000 has spawned huge economic growth for the country. This has resulted in infrastructure investments beyond on the Panama Canal Expansion project such as new airports, highways, a subway system, and the revival of Casco Veijo, a major real estate development. Through the detailed study of the Panama Canal combined with a diverse series of site visits to private firms, government agencies, and real estate development projects students observe how Panama has positioned itself as a global hub for the Americas.

Take a look at what we saw while we were in Panama this past March!

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Experiential Learning in Panama